Monday, May 10, 2010

Lazy-a$$, do-nothing, follicles

OK, wtf?
As of this morning's ultrasound, we're sitting at 15, 14, 13, and a little something that might possibly be another follicle at 10 (but probably isn't diddly-squat).  This is after 9 full days of stims.

Just to clarify, that means my follicles--the ones that are actually still there that is--have grown a grand total of *1mm in three days*. 

And I might as well have only one ovary at this point because every single one of those lazy-a$$, do-nothing follicles is on the left side. 

Not to be repetitive, but WTF?!???

This morning I had a minor meltdown after my appointment, thinking we were going to lose everything, but  I laid down for a nap (since I'm now officially off work until retrieval) and woke up feeling at least slightly more zen.  I think I was really tired.

First of all, I'm wondering if my right ovary may still be on vacation from the sclerotherapy it had a few months ago.  If I'm remembering correctly, Linda over at I've got bad plumbing experienced something similar.  (Are you still out there, Linda?  We miss you.)   Has anyone else here had sclero for endometriomas?

Secondly, I consulted Dr. Google and found some info suggesting that things can be slowed down considerably--at least for us DOR folks--when you suppress your body's initial big FSH surge (which we did since I came out of the gate too quickly on day 3 with a 12mm dominant follicle).

Of course, there's also the possibility that I'm just the crappiest responder imaginable.

Yeah, that's probably it.  :(

So for now, the plan is to increase the Gonal-F to 750iu a day (gulp) and pray I'm not frying my eggs in the process.  For better or for worse, we're off to NY tomorrow. 

And can I be frivolous for just a minute and say how incredibly difficult it's going to be to be in NYC and not be able to shop?  I mean seriously, this is cruel and unusual punishment. 

Not to mention, every time we go I end up feeling like a total frump.

How is it that so many New Yorkers seem to have perfected that effortlessly chic thing?  I mean it must be something in the water, right?  A secret class you have to take before you can sign the lease on that rent-controlled apartment?

OK, I'm off to obsess over packing.  I think I've officially talked myself into a bad mood again.


  1. those follies better wake up! you have a few more days, no? ill be thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of grow vibes!

    i feel the exact same way whenever i go into the a big ol dork from 1995. lol

  2. I just wanted to say good luck for NYC. Wake up follies! Maybe they need some big city excitement - 750iu surely does sound like a lot!

    Sorry about the shopping. That just doesn't sound right at all, LOL. Hopefully you can enjoy some great food instead!

  3. Hey, I am sorry I dropped off of the face of the earth. Blogger shut down their FTP access for bloggers that publish to their own sites, so I need to move my site over to a domain. It's just a matter of me sitting down for a few hours to make sure that my links and images get through unscathed.

    You and I are having the EXACT same problem with our ovaries after our respective sclerotherapies by Dr. Italian. My right ovary has shut down entirely over since I had the procedure done in December. I have 5 follicles on the left this cycle and not even a tiny antral on the right.

    I have lost confidence in Dr. Italian and have left his clinic and have gone back to my former clinic (which is about a mile north and a block or two west).

    I am very concerned that damage was done to my right ovary at this point. I did a consult with a doc who was president of SART and he also concurred that my ovary might have been damaged by it.

    I am in a cycle right now - 5 follicles on the left, one 15mm endometrioma on the right. If this cycle is a bust, Dr. Indian said that we will be doing an MRI of my lower half and then possibly a lap to clean things up (again).

    So...maybe you and I should get together and talk about this one soon. I'm in the city every day now since March (got a job at last!).

  4. PS, I'm at my new clinic this AM for monitoring...meeting til 10...then midtown for a bit around Herald Square (MACY'S!). I don't want to leave my cellphone number here - private message me again from your email and I'll send it to you if you want to grab coffee this AM. :-)

    BTW: They're not all "chic" here. They just all dress the same. :P

  5. I hope our fair city treats you well. I'll be thinking of you!

    And we're not all chic, trust. Only on the good days. ;)

  6. Your follies are being stubborn and that blows. I hope they grow a bit more and that you have oodles of luck (tho no shopping) in NYC! There's a ton of things to do for free :) Try to enjoy it, and I'll be sending growth thoughts your way.

  7. Damn those lazy follies! Get with the program!

    As for NYC girls, it's like living in a constant fashion mag. They have access to seeing each other all the time, and access to cool stores too. They live in another world, a different species, that's why the keep them on an island. (And I can say all this as I lived in NYC for a few years. I know.)


  8. Yes, I totally hear you on WTF? can all these stims really be ok for us? Scary stuff here -- WE SHOULD ALL WIN THE PRIZE FOR HOW MUCH WE'LL SACRIFICE FOR OUR CHILD WE HAVEN'T EVEN CONCEIVED YET!!!

    I was just in NYC, and I totally hear you on the stylin' thing. It's crazy. But I must remind you that all those stylin' people in NYC walk over the must urine-stenched streets I've experienced this side of the Sahara Desert. Yuck.

  9. Hey, I'm only just catching up on all your posts since i've been away.
    I know its no help but I'm so sorry you're follies dont seem to be growing as you'd like them to. I was worried when I stimmed for a few extra days this time too and I was so comforted by the comments that I got from people all over the place saying how there really is no magic number of stim days. There were so many people who had stimmed for MUCH longer than their RE had thought was wise and they had a sucessful ivf cycle. So, I know it's hard to swallow those words when you are right there in the thick of it yourself and I really hope you get a nice suprise when you get to NY and those follies have sat up and performed as required.
    THinking of

  10. hoping all is going well and for an update!!

  11. Julize...I'm two days before trigger. New RE says my lining is 9.5mm, which is what all of my other RE's have estimated for previous IVF cycles save for Dr. Italian who thinks we all have 14mm linings. I dunno. Call me skeptical.

    Have you retrieved yet???

  12. Hi Julize! Glad you finally caught up to me. I moved my blog to but it's set to redirect you there automatically.

    I just triggered 17 minutes always makes me so nervous. I am having retrieval at 10 or 10:30 but showing up at the clinic at 9AM on Sunday. I hope that that there really are six in there.

    Wow, you are retrieving tomorrow!? Good luck!!! I hope that it goes well. Dr. Indian had me do all of my meds this morning (I just did them last night) so it was a bit different than just doing a 45oiu gonal-f trigger alongside the HCG. I did gonal-f, menopur, and ganirelex this AM and a trigger tonight. I posted a month or two ago about how UCSF is doing gonal-f with their triggers and are getting more mature eggs (I told Dr. Italian about this and apparently he's doing it now). Did he have you do an extra shot with your HCG?