Monday, March 22, 2010


Since the day I first registered this blog more than a week ago, I've been agonizing over how to start.

What should my first post be about?

Do I just jump in and start talking?

Do I introduce myself?

I've even looked at other people's blogs and gone back to their first posts (how lame is that?). 

It's odd to me that I'm spending so much time agonizing over something very few people are likely to see.  Other than DH, I haven't told anyone I'm starting a blog, and I probably won't.  My family definitely doesn't know and only a very few friends have any idea that we've even been trying to conceive.

So why do it?

I'm not entirely sure myself.

I guess after spending so much time obsessively searching and reading other blogs, desperately trying to find someone who's had the same mix of symptoms, or diagnosis, or at least a similar experience, there's a part of me that just really feels the need to tell my own story.

Maybe someone else will find it helpful?

Somehow writing about it makes me feel ever so slightly better.  Or at least I think it might--I guess that remains to be seen.

There.  I've started.

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  1. The history on the right is useful for people coming here for the first time. Is your blog set to be public so that others can find it?

    Also, you might want to register on Cycle Sista (link on my page) for when you're cycling. :-)

    Welcome to blogland!